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Banking and Finance

Islamic Banking In Malaysia

Cases & Commentaries

Islamic banking in Malaysia has experienced an overwhelming boom, both in terms of the practice industry and the legal development aspect. For the stakeholders and practitioners, the practical concern centres, almost always, on the need to ensure that the products and practices abide by the Shariah and complies with Malaysian law. It is a known fact that at times, the Shariah principles did not come on all fours with the local laws and regulations, necessitating thereby much harmonisation effort for the two standards.

Author(s) Dr Rusni Hassan, Dr Ahmad Azam Othman & Dr Norlizah Mokhtar
ISBN No.: 978-967-457-125-2
Pages: 592
Price: RM280 (WM) / RM290 (EM)
Published: 2017
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Banking and Finance

Islamic Transactions And Finance

Principles And Developments

‘Islamic Transactions and Finance: Principles and Developments’ takes stock of past developments, reviews existing challenges and explores fresh thinking on future prospects. It reflects on issues that the Islamic finance industry has encountered over the years. Divided into three parts: Part One - Shari‘ah Foundations; Part Two - Good Governance and Part Three - Issues and New Frontiers.

Author(s) Mohammad Hashim Kamali & Sheila Ainon Yussof
ISBN No.: 978-967-0379-32-6
Pages: 504
Price: RM140 (WM) / RM150 (EM)
Published: 2013
Banking and Finance

Introduction to Islamic Finance

Introduction to Islamic Finance is a quick and easy guide to Islamic banking and finance, covering both the theorical and practical aspects of the subject in a concise style and suitable for bankers, practitioners, university students and any reader new to the topic. This timely book is also a useful and insightful guide to the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013. In addition, this book provides in-depth analysis on the development of Islamic finance in selected Southeast Asian jurisdictions including Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines

Author(s) Dr. Mohd Yazid Zul Kepli
ISBN No.: 978-967-0820-57-6
Pages: 396
Price: RM120 (WM) / RM130 (EM)
Published: 2015
Banking and Finance

IFSA 2013: Commentaries On Islamic Banking And Finance

The enactment of the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 (IFSA 2013) marks an exceptional milestone in the development of the domestic Islamic financial industry. While the Act caters to all regulatory and supervisory aspects of the industry, this book aims to provide a succinct commentary on the provisions within the Islamic Banking parameters. As the nature of legislative demands change from a detailed and prescriptive approach to one which is principle-based, this book provides a perfect companion to assist readers in understanding and navigating the current legislative maze on Islamic Banking.

Author(s) Mohd Johan Lee & Umar Oseni
ISBN No.: 978-967-0820-59-0
Pages: 514
Price: RM230 (WM) / RM240 (EM)
Published: 2015
Banking and Finance

Islamic Banking & Finance

Principles, Instruments & Operations (2nd Edition)

The second edition of ‘Islamic Banking & Finance: Principles, Instruments and Operations’ provides readers with an extensive, critical, and up-to-date information on Islamic banking and finance. As with its predecessor, the book emerges amidst rapid development in the industry. It is a comprehensive guide as it discusses the tenets of Islamic banking and finance in a single book, based on well-established concepts of Islamic law (Shari’ah). Carefully divided into eight parts, comprising of 36 chapters, it embraces almost all aspects of Islamic banking and finance.

Author(s) Adnan Trakic & Hanifah Haydar Ali Tajuddin
ISBN No.: 978-967-457-065-1
Pages: 882
Price: RM290 (WM) / RM300 (EM)
Published: 2016
Banking and Finance

Ismail Shariff’s Islamic Banking & Finance:

The Law And Practice In Malaysia

There is some degree of ignorance about the true basis of Islamic banking and finance among bankers (even Islamic bankers), lawyers and the general public who are the ultimate users of the system. The tendency is to think of Islamic banking and finance in conventional terms and to compare the former to the latter. This will lead to a misunderstanding of the true nature of the system. Ismail Shariff’s Islamic Banking and Finance: The Law and Practice in Malaysia seeks to fill some of the void that currently exists in the market. It covers many areas of the emergent banking system that is novel and intriguing to many who are not familiar with Islamic principles of finance

Author(s) Mohamed Ismail Shariff
ISBN No.: 978-967-457-068-2
Pages: 602
Price: RM290 (WM) / RM300 (EM)
Published: 2016

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